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Featured Stories:

Summer Spectre
An unusual ghost story with a surprising twist, by Nikki Layzell

A Rose by Any Other Name
A humorous science fiction story by Bob Simms

An Unusual Job
Aa dark journey into the mind of a hitman, by Richard Hallows

The Sentinel
A story of a rebellious teenager, by John Tusk

They Made Me a Moron
An amusing essay on parenting a teenager, by Mary Whitsell

The Adventures of El Gran Condomble
A self-possessed cat rules the night in this story by Lara Curtayne

A tale of survival on the plains of Africa, by Roger Woodcock



Richard Hallows

Richard Hallows is an award winning writer whose stories have been published in anthologies and literary magazines in the UK and the USA. He is the author of three full length non-fiction books, the latest of which (The Diary of a Reluctant Green) was shortlisted for the UK's Clarion Awards. He chairs a succesful writer's group in his home town of Buckingham as well as being an occasional teacher of creative writing and judge of short story competitions.

He is married with two children, two cats, and an insane dog. When he isn't writing he looks after the children and the dog. The cats do very nicely for themselves.

More information and writing is available from his website at www.spikethecat.co.uk or his weblog concerning his writing activities at richardhallows.blogspot.com

Bob Simms

Bob Simms is an I.T. trainer, but it's not as glamorous as it sounds. He was bitten by the writing bug in the Autumn of 2006 and is now totally addicted. He lives in the UK with his wife, 2 kids and a motorcycle. He has a sense of humour that is, at best, individual. At worst, it is unfathomable. His greatest regret is that people don't find him as funny as he thinks he is.

(The UK is that little theme park off of the coast of Europe.)

He has a website based around the famous town of Snodland. He has a blog that he doesn't update nearly often enough.

Lara Curtayne

I wrote my first book at the age of five. And then I grew up, went to school and got a proper job. Luckily, I ended up in a graphic design agency where my talent for copywriting was spotted, nurtured and honed. This is where I learned to craft and manipulate words to create moods, to paint pictures.

I now work for my local police force. If I told you exactly what I did, I would have to come round to your house and bore you to tears with the intricacies of The Occupier's Liability Act.

This has brought me face to face with many people from all walks of life, each one with a story to tell, and has been the inspiration for “Cracks” and “Volka”. I have now kicked myself up the backside and been writing seriously for the last twelve months.

I have every good intention of finishing my novel before my fortieth birthday. The road to Hell is paved with what now?

Lara's website, PNC-Creative.

Mary Whitsell

Mary Whitsell has been writing much of her life and is currently finishing yet another novel. She lives in hope that one of her books may one day sell.


John Tusk

John Tusk is a 16 year old yob from West London, who wrote his contribution to Voxfabula last April when he should have been revising. John has been writing the first chapters of novels for roughly 11 years, due to his inability to compose patience. John's friends and family are forbidden from reading his writings. Only under his false name does he expose the people of the internet to his "literature".

John is a virgin to the publishing world and is very thankful to Voxfabula for giving him this boost.

Roger Woodcock

Roger jumped at the chance of taking early retirement after almost thirty years as a telecoms engineer. He has had about a dozen short stories published in small press magazines and had a short, one-act play performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. (Edinburgh is in Scotland, that bit of land tagged on to the top of England) This gave him the inspiration to attempt more playwriting and he currently has several pieces doing the rounds of local theatre groups. As yet no phone calls!

Nikki Layzell

Nikki, now retired, was a secondary school English teacher. She has been writing short stories on and off for forty years, in between being a working mother. She also writes poetry.

Although she has never sought publication, some things have been published (some even paid for) and most have won prizes in local competitions. Summer Spectre was first prize winner of ‘Sutton Writers’ 20th Anniversary Competition, open to all local writers. The latest thing published is her poem ‘The Bin Thing’, chosen from the Great Writing site for inclusion in their first Anthology.




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