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Featured Stories:

Summer Spectre
An unusual ghost story with a surprising twist, by Nikki Layzell

A Rose by Any Other Name
A humorous science fiction story by Bob Simms

An Unusual Job
Aa dark journey into the mind of a hitman, by Richard Hallows

The Sentinel
A story of a rebellious teenager, by John Tusk

They Made Me a Moron
An amusing essay on parenting a teenager, by Mary Whitsell

The Adventures of El Gran Condomble
A self-possessed cat rules the night in this story by Lara Curtayne

A tale of survival on the plains of Africa, by Roger Woodcock



Vox Fabula is a new venture; our eventual goal is to sell high-quality short audio fiction and non-fiction by emerging writers (that is, writers who would like to be better known than they are) as mp3 downloads and podcasts. Not that we have any objection to working with established writers; it's just that established writers generally have little need for the services of small independent audio publishers!

In its formative stage, Vox Fabula is all about promotion: promotion of our ability to produce and publish high-quality audio works, and promotion of the talents of the authors represented here.

That being the case, our current project is to build a substantial catalogue of quality work in order to attract and retain customers who may in the future be induced to pay a nominal fee for material on this site, seduced by the quality of the work that is currently available for free.

And that's where you, fortunate writer who's currently reading this page, come in. For a limited time, Vox Fabula is offering to professionally record and produce audio versions of short stories and entertaining non-ficction entirely free of charge, in return for the right to present the work on this site. You retain all rights to your work, and gain a fabulous promotional tool in the form of an audio version of your work, which you can use as you wish.

If this sounds interesting, feel free to send your approximately 1500 word piece to us; if we like it, we'll let you know and put it in the recording queue. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us.


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